The project major activities are summarized here:

  1. Replacing the pilot homes existing furnaces with brand new high-energy efficient furnaces
  2. Replacing the pilot homes existing ACs with brand new high energy efficient conventional heat pumps (ASHPs)
  3. Replacing the existing thermostats with smart internet-connected thermostats
  4. Launching a cloud computing server for running Smart Fuel Switching Controller (SFSC) for each participant home
  5. Connecting the smart thermostats to the BKR cloud computing server to implement SFSC controller
  6. Launching BKR Energy portal for project administration, validation, and reporting
  7. Launching BKR Energy dashboard to depict the project saving results to the homeowners.


The scope of this demonstration projects is to retrofit the existing HVAC systems in Ontario by installing a hybrid HVAC system in a large number of residential homes. One of the objectives of this project is to measure the contribution of these upgraded homes in reducing the GHG emission in the residential sector.

Pilot Home Locations

The scope of this project is to implement the required test platform in 500 different pilot homes across Ontario.