One of the main purposes of this demo project is to review the performance of Yanmar 3-pipe Gas Heat Pump in the actual operation conditions. This M&V project will include general contracting tasks (for the project’s equipment installation and commissioning), M&V cloud-based platform installation and commissioning including wireless sensors and data logging installation for measuring the parameters of interest, data analysis, and post-processing, and final report preparation tasks.


The scope of this project is to implement the required M&V platform in the Burnham farm market. The scope of work includes:

  1. GEHP total system installation and commissioning
  2. monitoring of Yanmar 3-pipe GEHP operation
  3. evaluating the efficiency and COP of the unit under various conditions including outdoor air temperature, internal heating/cooling loads and partial load operation
  4. effect of each system variation and environment condition on the performance of heat pump, SEER, and HSPF will be analyzed 5- post-retrofit utility (NG and Electricity) energy consumptions are calculated and compared with pre-retrofit data


Pilot Home Locations

The scope of this M&V project is to implement the required test platform in a farm market located at Cobourg, ON.